Jeremy and his team of professionals at Proactive came on board to provide IT services to SE Works at a time when our needs had completely outgrown our system and it was very unstable. We had two serious system crashes with data losses in the few months before we brought them on, and suffered another one almost immediately after. Despite the fact that our contract with them did not cover all the extra hours required (we had chosen the hourly billing for many extra services) they devoted many evening, holiday and weekend hours to trouble-shooting our system and re-establishing stability. In addition, they recommended specific hardware upgrades for our failing equipment and were able to procure what we needed at a lower cost that what we would have paid relying on our own resources. We are very grateful for all their dedication and calm, methodical approach to our serious problems due to delayed maintenance and neglect. We now have very detailed systems and network documentation and trouble-free IT services throughout our organization.

Sue S.
Director of Business Operations