In 1990 my husband went to work for a telecommunication consulting engineering firm and in 2002 he had the opportunity to buy the company. There were many changes to be made to the IT part of the business. In 2003 we were introduced to Jeremy. He began helping forge the uncharted IT waters for our company and has been there for us ever since. He is constantly keeping himself and his company current on IT technology and issues. Above all, he has high personal integrity and manages his company with the same level of integrity.

Administration Manager

Jeremy and his team of professionals at Proactive came on board to provide IT services to SE Works at a time when our needs had completely outgrown our system and it was very unstable. We had two serious system crashes with data losses in the few months before we brought them on, and suffered another one almost immediately after. Despite the fact that our contract with them did not cover all the extra hours required (we had chosen the hourly billing for many extra services) they devoted many evening, holiday and weekend hours to trouble-shooting our system and re-establishing stability. In addition, they recommended specific hardware upgrades for our failing equipment and were able to procure what we needed at a lower cost that what we would have paid relying on our own resources. We are very grateful for all their dedication and calm, methodical approach to our serious problems due to delayed maintenance and neglect. We now have very detailed systems and network documentation and trouble-free IT services throughout our organization.

Director of Business Operations

We work pretty much 24/7 from many remote locations. The fault tolerant reliability that Proactive Network Technologies designed into our network systems, as well as anti-virus, malware, spyware, etc. protection is one of the many reasons we are able to operate successfully – particularly during turbulent economic times! We also appreciate your responsiveness, and level-headed technical problem solving skills. Thanks for all that you do for us!

Proactive Network Technologies has provided Office Space Planners with invaluable IT service and support since 2004. We have been very satisfied with the service and overall response time that Proactive has provided while maintaining our servers, network and workstations.

Proactive Network Technologies has been the IT service provider for two businesses I have owned, SRO Strategies and Pivot Point Capital, and in both instances they have provided exemplary service, invaluable advice and terrific support. Proactive has always had our interests as their top priority and they have helped our businesses grow responsibly over the years. I highly recommend Jeremy Christensen and the entire Proactive team for any small or medium size business dependent on technology. They are great folks to work with to help you grow.

For the first time in our company's history, all of our technology related information is assembled in a logical fashion and in a single location. Proactive Network Technologies helped us organize this information, evaluate our needs, assess our vulnerabilities, and eliminate the threats to our network. Proactive Network Technologies did all of this while eliminating the "black box" mystery so often associated with computer technology. Thank you Jeremy!

From our very first visit with Proactive, they have met all our local small office network needs and requirements. They have worked hand-in-hand with our International Network Server Provider and our main office located on the East Coast to provide an excellent bridge for all of our international network communications needs. I have also used Proactive for all my home network requirements and needs. They have been very helpful, quick to respond and always on time.

Jeremy was very responsive to our needs when our system was down. Jeremy is thorough and attentive to detail with network analysis. I appreciate Jeremy’s his understanding, patience and service oriented philosophy. It’s having at IT department without having an IT department.

We began working with PNT approximately 2 years ago. We continue working with PNT for several reasons. First, responsiveness. When I have had questions PNT has always responded quickly. Second, proficiency. I have been consistently pleased with the quality of information, services, and hardware provided by PNT. Finally, value. PNT has provided us high quality service and hardware at a fair price.

The knowledgeable Team at Proactive has always been just a phone call away. We consider them a key member of our IT staff.