How hard will it be to achieve Stage 2?

Achieving Stage 2 is so much more difficult than achieving Stage 1. According to some reports, many healthcare providers will be caught off guard. Many thresholds will increase significantly in Stage 2, so health-care providers who are not yet accustomed to performing at levels specified in Stage 1 may have a hard time operating or […]

Counterfeit Software Preloaded with Malware and the Link to Botnets: Operation b70

Author: Tim Rains - Microsoft

For years I have heard talk in the industry that much of the counterfeit software available on the Internet was preloaded with malware. How much of the counterfeit software available is preloaded with malware? What type of malware is preloaded on these systems and what does it allow the attackers to do?

Today, Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit (DCU) made an announcement that allows us to get a glimpse into the answers to these questions.